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They Wanted a 2-week Delay in BCCI Polls, I Didn't Agree: Edulji

New Delhi:"There's a lot of new faces and it's exciting times with the change of staff and quite a few new players as well. There's lots of new and refreshing energy in the camp and the guys look to be in good spirits so we're looking forward to the series." Markram says he is ready for the Test series and understands that the conditions for the three Test matches against India will be very different from what he and South Africa A experienced earlier this month.
Edulji said that there was really no need to postpone the election even by a day due to the assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra.
"Don't see much logic behind the one-day postponement because in that case why wasn't the date of counting also taken into account? Then, you could also look at Diwali coming up. Really didn't make sense to me. As for my meeting with the Amicus, initially we were all expected to meet together, but I am told Vinod Rai is out of town. The appointment was for Thursday and I am going to meet the Amicus and it will be a general interaction on the way things are to be taken forward and I will apprise him of the situation in the board as well," she said.
"Initially they wanted a two-week delay, but I didn't agree on that."
Rai on his part informed the media on Tuesday that all talks of the CoA looking to defer the election was wrong and that the BCCI polls had been postponed by a day owning to state polls.
"The BCCI elections are on track. It's just because of the state polls, we have decided to reschedule by a day. So it will now be held on October 23 instead of October 22," he had said.
With the Supreme Court allowing Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) to hold elections to the post of Assistant Secretary and further directing that disqualification shall be confined only to those who had held the post of "Office Bearers" of the cricket associations, the CoA on Tuesday modified the clarifications they passed on September 16 and also extended the deadline to complete state elections to October 4.
The CoA has also asked state associations not to re-amend their constitutions which were already approved by the CoA and further said that those associations who haven't reworked their constitution in line with the newly registered BCCI constitution could have their election results ignored.
State associations though have made it clear that the SC and not the CoA have the right to take a call on the validity of the elections of the state bodies.

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